Even though she's pretty much done with her cello major charade, at least Bok-ju was happy while it lasted. Glad joon hyung beside her and can not wait what will he do next. It would have been good, had Jae-yi/Joon Hyung seen her with that lipstick. Also, Nanhee is so adorable. But everything he did in this episode (except giving her the lipstick) including the emotional blackmailing with refusing treatment just didn't sit right with me. And perhaps JH was one of the few people who showed her care and concern and warmth. And I understand that athletes need to consume a lot of calories for training, but I don't think they are doing that increase in the right way. Apparently, the coaches found her weight loss journal in the gym, though she remembers putting in safely in her bag. She is a woman and this is an undeniable fact, regardless of her appearance. They gave up much for her career, so its not like she doesnt has the support. I wish he'll realize his feeling soon and so does BJ. She's adorable. I stay away from people like that. Who knows, maybe that's the point the writer is trying to make - that the type of family she grew up in caused her to be that way. SHe should get it by now. He goes off to bed, and Dad says to himself that he does feel bad for her. Maybe she could have spent some of that energy on trying to make some friends in her major instead. Her parents, coach, even Dr. Go, who clearly sees how not OK she is - who has even had multiple opportunities to give her good advice - and instead just does a toast to jealousy together. The friend's and dad's pettiness. news. Tags: Episode 7, featured, Kyung Su-jin, Lee Jae-yoon, Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju, Your email address will not be published. Jae-yi is worried when Bok-ju doesn’t show up for her appointment, and he heads to dinner with his parents and Joon-hyung. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Shi Ho is out of her mind and I'm enjoying and will keep enjoying watching her pitying her life because that's all she knows to do!! Compared to bok joo, si ho is so lonely, she doesn't even have any friends and her coach is definitely not very encouraging, also definitely doesn't help that her parents are unknowingly giving her a lot of pressure and stress, she's just so alone and joon hyung is probably the only tangible thing she can cling onto. I love all the friendships on this show and how much time is spent on building those friendships, especially the girlfriends, because poor Kdrama heroines seem to have so very few real and good female friends. The first part of this episode with Seonok and Nanhee taking care of Bokju after her punishment is just #friendshipgoals and I can't bear to see this power trio split up. When Dr. Go arrives, Jae-yi’s parents are delighted to meet her, although he squirms in his chair. They did not consider Bok Joo as anything other than a weighlifter. :] they have many more beautiful colors~! He's clear and consistent with his stalker ex, he cares about things that really matter and not about appearances, and, like Bok-ju, he's just living his life. But the lack of A list stars means less of a ratings draw for the Korean public. But she can't see beyond her own selfishness and pain to see how a situation might look from someone else's perspective. She has proved that she is destined for greatness and I continue to cheer her on. In what universe is that reasonable? And so are the ratings. I love that everyone has their issues and struggles and it is so relatable in real life and not just in dramaland. I actually wrote my comment before I got to read everyone's here and came to say the exact same thing. the cuteness, romance, fluffyness, comedy and heartfelt scenes are all here. Beranda » Tv Shows » Korea » Comedy, Drama Serial Korea, Sport » Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016) Oleh drama Diposting pada Desember 6, 2018 Nonton Streaming Download Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016) Subtitle Indonesia Ah, the pitfalls of first loves. Did they not share the info with me because I'm not worth sharing? Because he was the only person who was there for her. Dad's flashback, the coach(es?) Shi-ho answers that she hates herself because she did something terrible to someone out of jealousy. Her coach worries about her competition tomorrow, and makes her keep practicing the move. I swear, it's always in a tight bun - although it was in a ponytail in this episode! Joon-hyung gave her ticket to the concert and told her about Jae-yi's birthday. Dad throws her weight loss journal on the table and loudly demands to know what this is about, and Coach Yoon tries to calm him. She was quick to cut him loose when she was successfully moving on with no thought to his painful crisis. Teachers /coaches are revered as parents and it is nit unheard of for professors to chip in towards their poor students' tuition. Whereas with JH, she's still pretty much friendzoned him so it's easier to be all physical with him. Like what Coach Choi said about "hitting the wall", you need to push past it before you can become a better person. HAHA.). I think everyone, including her friends, see a lot of potential in her and want her to succeed professionally, but they lost sight of the person. I'm not justifying it but just putting a bit of generational and cultural context. And really reality isn't like drama life. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page She thinks that she probably won’t be able to see him anymore, and wonders if she’d have been able to wish him a happy birthday in person if she’s just been honest from the beginning. After dinner Joon-hyung takes Bok-ju to a club to work out her feelings. Serious props to the writers of this show for writing such a relatable "bad guy" who manages to still show some semblance of humanity and remorse...you know, like a actual human being. You can bet there would be threats of lawsuits if anything like that occurred in the West. Just like the girls eating philadelphia cream cheese in the other episode. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (Korean: 역도요정 김복주; RR: Yeokdo-yojeong Gim Bok-ju) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Sung-kyung in the title role, with Nam Joo-hyuk.It is a coming-of-age sports drama, inspired by the life of Olympic gold-medalist Jang Mi-ran. He…, The story of the woman that would become Empress Ki, and her struggles as she worked her way through war, political conspiracies, and the imperial palace to become Empress of…. She confesses that she hates seeing them laugh together, and demands to know who Bok-ju is losing weight for. Nan-hee tells Coach Choi the whole story while Seon-ok listens from around the corner, looking hurt to have been left out of the loop. She is at this point getting her thrills out of making everybody miserable as long as she is miserable and she is putting people in harm's way emotionally and physically at that. He admits feeling bad for Bok-ju, who always wears slouchy clothes and has calluses on her hands. This shi ho girl need to be punch. Dr. Go wonders why Joon-hyung and Jae-yi are so different, so the fact that they’re actually cousins must not be common knowledge. I mean it. yay for first comments! She's so fake. Stream in HD Download in HD. She doesn't have anyone around her to get her back to her senses so she's getting out of control. Um... what? It frustrated me to no end that the default response of everyone around Bok Joo was to get angry at her and not to understand her. she felt so betrayed and lost.... it really hit home for me and it's the conflict that I'm most looking forward to see how it will be solved. ? It seemed like people were oblivious... or didn't care about her personally. That's what I wish for every (straight) girl to find – a guy who sees who she really is, and thinks that person is beautiful and lovable. Bok-ju finally snaps, and yells that yes, she went to the weight clinic, but what Dad’s doing now is no different. This drama actually tries to tackle this issue by giving her a loveline with a guy who accepts Bok Joo as who she is - the non-dolled up weightlifter. I'm really enjoying this show but for a couple of things. I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee this show. Shi-ho looks nervous, but she performs the same routine she flubbed during the national team tryouts, and this time she completely nails it. Shi-ho stops cold in the middle of gymnastics practice, and runs over to the weightlifting practice room. I've grown up with a lot of freedom and I genuinely hate having authority figures force an opinion on me. When he sees his future self living unhappily, he decides to avoid that fate by marrying Song Ma…. But I look forward to the cute in the next episode! And the pressure? Excuse me? You have to understand that this drama is set in South Korea, where the concept of feminism is still budding. EPISODE 14: … Continue reading "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 14" This was up before I got to watch the subs (this rarely happens for most dramas) and because my stream was slow, I just ended up reading the recap first (which also rarely happens for me). The coach's sudden turnaround from harsh taskmaster to caring, concerned angel. Have we ever seen Shi Ho with her hair down? Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 . ^__^ While this drama is loosely based on Jang Mi Ran (not sure how much is take from real life events), it is so sweet to see that the love interest in a swimmer as Jang Mi Ran and Park Tae Hwan are good friends in real life. (function() { In other words keeping a toned appearance more like a bodybuilder than a bulky appearance like a typical weightlifter. Shiho is capable of change if given a bit of a push. Shi-ho needs to remember she left him first and he's moving on. She goes back to the gym, and tells Coach Yoon that Bok-ju is doing better now. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016) episode 10. Then he blows up, demanding to know why she did that to Bok-ju when it wouldn’t benefit her at all. And I am seeing Join Hyung becoming more matured. While Bok Joo is more prone to keep to herself what she is feeling, I do understand. He finds it later and smiles, but Bok-ju is long gone by then. But it doesn't have to be Bok-ju, Joon-hyung, or anyone else she's hurt and disrespected. She paddles Bok-ju several times with a mop handle, intending to give her twenty lashes, but Nan-hee rushes in after only three swings and says she’ll spill everything. The worst is that she's not even having enough screentime, super disappointed they didn't provide any strong backstory for her or more scenes of her family fighting/the trouble she's going through. They agree that they need to trust her a little more, and that hardships like these are necessary for growth. Bok-ju heads to Jae-yi’s clinic, carrying the little “Happy Birthday” plant she bought. And accepts that. i am a relatively logical person & when my emotions don't logically make sense there is a disconnect that makes me feel insane. Joon-hyung fusses over her, stopping her from eating raw meat and cleaning her elbow when she sticks it in the food. I loved that. (And then repeat the cycle all over again. Jae-yi feels like a real jerk as he opens her present to find a stack of CDs. To be seen, to be heard, to be loved unconditionally is the greatest gift you can give someone, and he does it all the time. He is so cute, my heart hurts. For me it was too much to witness and I was so angry towards the coach. This story only keeps getting better and the chemistry between LSK and NJH is great to watch. I think I'm normally good about respecting Korean cultural differences but this episode really challenged me on that. Come on girl!! What's wrong with falling in love? -I'm sure things are different since she is an elite athlete, and perhaps because it is Korea, but to get her father's permission to have her increase weight class without discussing it with her seems reprehensible. I love, love, LOVE this childhood-friends-slow-burn romance we have going on with Joonhyung and Bokju. But I think the word of mouth for this drama is strong and growing. Bok-ju finishes her punishment squats and Coach Choi comes to talk to her. I was curious if this was accurate? Exactly. Required fields are marked *. Was everyone just not seeing her facial expressions every time they gave her another serving? YES! The problem is, the longer it goes on, the more that leads to feelings of hurt and betrayal, and now she’ll have to do some serious damage … Continue reading "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 7" Like the breakup happened months ago and it was her decision, how can she make a claim on him at all?! he SO SWEET!! I will also agree that corporal punishment is a concern. @lindl I agree with you about Shi-ho. I absolute agree that everyone seems more concerned about their agenda for her instead of her personal well being. Imagine if they were starving her to get her to lose weight. I just can't with the whole tiger parent thing when it's down right sociopathic. Seeing her beaming in her happy bubble in this episode made me feel so good for her too but happiness for her is really so fleeting and short lived ): Do hope she'll be able to work through all her unhealthy emotions and stop taking it out on others and most of all herself! ? and her actions are actually helping my cutie OTP in getting closer to each other so I can thank her for that!! Now that she told Bokjoo that she doesn't like her, I think the ice would break and they'd be more comfortable with each other. Dad sighs that she’s a weightlifter, not a woman, but Dae-ho argues that she’s both. Joon-hyung is such a great character. And those seniors who not talented enough still mean to her... @Chronic Agreed!! All in all. But she says she doesn’t have any regrets, because she learned a lot from Jae-yi about being a woman, and how a man can make her heart flutter as much as weightlifting. she's been rejected by Joon Hyung multiple times.. I agree! FB.init({ I appreciate the fluff of this show but I also appreciate how relatable everyone is. If it were her own desire to up her weight class and compete, then their actions would be justifiable. I cried a lot during this episode. Even now, Shi-ho's behavior is being excused and passed off as normal and understandable. Have you eaten, Bok Ju (not because I want to fatten you up so you can win and help the others win as well)? I believe that Shi-ho has some pretty serious emotional problems right now, with her gymnastics career and her feelings for Joon-hyung and her internal and external drives for success all at war with one another, so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her bad behavior. I like that the “sports school” setting is more than just a backdrop, anyway. Coach says that she understands how Bok-ju feels, but promises her that it will pass. I really like what you said about si ho, and not how si ho to go away or something like I see on ig and fb and all that. But plateau's are a part of being an actual athlete and it seems like Shi-Ho's unwilling to allow herself to have a support system so that she can get through it. She needs help. They have a mind of their own and their own sense of right and wrong and corporal punishment here is just unwarranted. Growing up or changing isn't a one way process. The fact that JH gives that to her automatically just shows me how much he sees her for her complete person. I am trying my level best to understand you. She is one strong willed woman.. Please enter your username or email address. Dr. Go agrees that jealousy is awful, and admits that she was once very jealous over a man. LSK has done a 180 for me in terms of this character portrayal. This episode delivers a lot of forward motion for everyone, as characters begin to decide what kind of people they’re willing to be. :'(. finally she saw another side of him other than the teasy childish side she and now she saw how caring and sweet he can be to her!! At this rate, its only a matter of time she does something that will truly cross the point of no return. It is more like a phase of trial and error. She's just trying to get what she wants for the sake of herself. I'm glad that he took Bok Joo out of her shell and comforted her all night. That's just how family react and they're not very good at saying what they really feel. Apart from being a pretty face, she looks depressed and unloved. Shi-ho just asks how Joon-hyung feels about Bok-ju, and he starts to say they went to the same elementary school. I think we all struggle with the woes of one-sided love/love-that-can-never-be at some point in our lives, and I'm happy for Bok-ju that she has such a great support system. Drama for Brekkie, I agree that Shi-ho's mom especially has a pretty messed up way of supporting her, and it's definitely not healthy. Plus their motives aren't pure. it doesn't mean they make sense or whatever though... shi-ho is like a textbook for this type of character imo and it's a disappointment with the drama writing for me. I think that everyone deserves another chance. And you're right again - things that felt like the end of the world back then, I see as a mere issue or bump in the road now. He sees Bok-ju sobbing in Coach’s lap, while Coach hollers that she’ll hurt the guy that made Bok-ju cry. . After hearing the explanation, a much calmer Coach Choi sits Bok-ju down and tells her how she ran away from home over a guy once, her love making her forget all about weightlifting. He sighs that she can’t give up, wanting her to see her goal through to the end; he thinks her winning a gold medal will prevent her from feeling the regret Dad has felt. You'd think it's as Korean as kimchee. All rights reserved. I guess what bothers people this time is that it's supposedly good people doing it. Joon-hyung takes Bok-ju for grilled meat, and his cheerfulness makes her suspicious of his motives. As long as Bok-ju refused to share what she’s thinking with anyone, her coaches and father were going to continue to be disappointed by Bok-ju’s actions. Park Mu-jin is a scientist-turned-politician who has…. Your email address will not be published. I haven't watched it yet, but i already pissed off with Shi Ho. Of course, it could have ended more neatly if Shi-ho hadn't backstabbed Bok-Ju. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { I can really see them in a healthy relationship in the future now seeing that Bok Ju sees that she can lean on him and he realises when he puts his foot in his mouth. Because it's a win-win situation for everyone? Well... the beauty of watching foreign dramas is also in learning something about the culture. With Bokjoo as her friend, I hope she'll get past the angst and be a better version of herself. When he gave bok joo's dad a piece of his mind, reminding her dad that she's still a lady despite being a weightlifting athlete made my eyes teared a little bit :'). I'm so in love with Bok joo and Joon hyung's friendship. Name * Add a display name. She has no understanding coach, no supportive family, no loving friends - no one at all. Episode 7 59m. My biggest issue with Shi-ho is time and time again, Joon-hyung said he wasn't interested in her anymore. She acted impulsively by taking Bok-ju’s weight-loss diary to her coaches, but I appreciate that she regretted her actions when she saw how much Bok-ju was hurt by it. So in a way she's pretty hard on herself, so I guess it isn't surprising that she lashes out. The coaches make Bok-ju do squats until she’s exhausted, asking her why she was going to a weight loss clinic. I felt embarrassed when I had to say out loud the reason of my procrastination, but like Kim Bok Joo, "I have no regrets." I understand what they’re going for but it just gets silly after a point. He lets her open his drink, impressed by her strength, then pulls her to the dance floor. He's the only one who saw her clearly as a person and not an object. At this moment of crisis the way she didn't give any excuses and just faced the consequences of her actions was so admirable. She sees Coach Choi inside, but whatever she came for, she doesn’t go in. Have i said this before"I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! " They’d only spent one night away before he’d chickened out and gone home, and she’d felt betrayed. Finally the secret's out, even if it wasn't the way we all expected. You are soo fast! There’s such a bittersweet joy in sending your children off to become adults, and that’s exactly how I feel, seeing this show end. She hasn't yet realized he is a "man" in that way, which will make it all the more delightful when she starts becoming hyper aware of him on another level, which will make the skinship all the more squee-worthy. I guess, I just want to say that many a times, we've forgotten that the world is made up of people with different experiences and values and thus, they react in different ways to the same issue. A spunky female weightlifter and free-spirited male swimmer meet on campus, only to find out their pasts may be intertwined. I feel so related to her feeling.. Suddenly, she tries to be understanding while, really, she's just telling Bok Joo to move on. I can’t wait for that moment when Bok-ju looks up and sees Joon-hyung standing beside her, already loving her for who she is, right now, imperfections and all. Actors: Ahn Gil-kang, Cho Hye-jung, Cho Mi-nyeo, Cho Soo-hyang, Choi Moo-seong, Jang Young-nam, Jeong In-gi, Ji Il-joo, Kang Ki-young, Kim Ye-joon, Kyung Soo-jin, Lee Jae-yoon, Lee Joo-young, Lee Jung-eun, Lee Sung-kyoung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Oh Eui-Sik, Yoo Da-in, Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) lives a hard knocked life, but when the orphan meets the modest restaurateur Hong Dal Sook (Song Ok Suk), he gains a mother figure…, Cha Woo Kyung is a child counselor who works at a children’s center. haha a very well thought out PPL. Bok-ju nearly sleeps through the team’s morning run, and she hurries out to find Seon-ok giving both her and Nan-hee the silent treatment. This is a sad episode bec it clearly reflects what professional athlethes go through, when people force you to strive harder in the expense of your health. But seeing her conflicted over what she did to Bok-ju humanizes her and allows us as viewers to sympathize with her even as she hates what she’s doing, which makes her much more interesting to watch as she tries to fight her own personal demons. She asks Shi-ho if this is that love triangle she mentioned before, but Shi-ho says it’s not really a triangle, and Dr. Go tells her not to be too hard on herself. I really wanted to hug her virtually and tell her that it's okay :(. This episode strongly smelled of abuse for me. I'm so drawn to Nam Joo-hyuk in this drama that I'm attuned to every little thing he does, and his character here is the best. It’s not always the young who have growing up to do… sometimes even adults need to mature and learn to accept, speak up, and go for what they want. I grew up in an Asian country and I can say that it's not an exaggeration that the Dad/Coach would use the stick from a broom to mete out punishments. Once she’s gone, it suddenly hits Joon-hyung why her story about the coach finding her weight loss diary doesn’t seem right. Behold, this time JH will make a move, sweep her off her feet. This drama is so pure it makes me smile. I also grew up in a society where physical punishment was more or less accepted, but for us it was a slap on the butt maximum (and 99.99% of times it was only a threat). monologue in wanting her to win and not throw away what she has now, her friend feeling like "why would Bok Joo visited a weight clinic? Everyone goes through this phase and I totally understand Bokjoo for acting this way. I love that they are friends first! Bok Joo knows her mistakes and she try her best not to follow her gut feelings so much. And it was totally needed after the tears ? He ruffles her hair when she says she’s worried, then does it again when she objects to the skinship. Dr. Go tells him not to be so defensive, pouting that he hurt her feelings. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Bok-ju starts to see how her secret is negatively affecting those around her, due to the way she’s been lying and sneaking around in order to preserve it. I honestly feel like she's very standard second lead material, played by a very mediocre actress, which really doesn't justify the amount of screentime she's been getting. She and Coach Choi stop at a convenience store for a drink, and the coach says that she understands her father’s reaction. It's scary how, during these moments, you get a glimpse of how big everyone's expectation of Bok Joo and how they're trying to shape her without considering what she wants. Then again, she's a massage therapist. It hurt so much seeing her and the others around her so hurt. And with this episode, now I can see why the drama gave us a false romantic lead in Jaeyi rather than jump straight to Joonhyung as Bokju's love interest--it was all the better to appreciate what Joonhyung and Bokju have. Advice is one thing; coercion is another. She asks if Jae-yi is afraid she’ll set her sights on him, and makes it a point to call him “Friend,” but pauses to give him his birthday gift. Joon-hyung’s aunt invites him to dinner tonight for Jae-yi’s birthday, and he accepts. It's crazy pressure puting heavy strain physically and mentally. I think what makes Shi Ho different from the rest of the characters and why she is clinging onto JH so hard is because she is all alone. She is becoming unhinged. During the Japanese colonial rule of Korea, a Korean surgeon who was raised by a Japanese family becomes a spy for the Korean government. There is something called "jeong" roughly translated as "personal bond" or kinship. I also loved that Si Ho's mirror breaking scene was a parallel to Joon Hyung's cutting his finger and yet the outcomes were complerely different. I don't know if they're using the stereotype that weightlifters are hot-tempered/aggressive and resort to force but the coaches were also really neglectful. Yeah I agree. I can totally relate to Bok Joo, and eventhough mine is a little different from her, I also cried my eyes out, several times at that, for a love I could never have. I definitely agree. So much I didn't like in this episode I almost dropped it. or On the way to her room, Bok-ju wonders why Joon-hyung is being so nice to her, and concedes that Joon-hyung does resemble his hyung a little. I would be very surprised, to say the least, if the show were to take such a direction. I love that Bok-ju has no idea that that man is already right there next to her, and that he already admires and respects her for her strength and spirit, and that she doesn’t even know it. Just like her other friends, who put their arms around her. I cried when i watched the raw version. In the US, anyone over 18 is considered an adult - ie he/she no longer needs a parent's permission to do things. Shi-ho is on cloud nine as the team returns to school, and she’s even happier when Joon-hyung calls and asks to talk. Kind, patience, and understanding. I feel sympathetic enough to her because she is under so much pressure. She tried to pull away and then gave in and actually moved closer to him. You did something wrong or disrespectful, you get an ass whooping. Therefore, she was doing all these when she went for her sessions in the clinic. Especially when they all AGREED that trying to gain weight healthily and move up a weight class was harder than losing weight. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 2016 7+ 1 Season TV Comedies A competitive swimmer crosses paths with his childhood friend, a rising weight lifting star, and realizes that she has a … their chemistry wants me to vomit rainbow. I do agree with the message that Jae-yi isn’t the right man for Bok-ju, simply because of the fact that she couldn’t be herself with him. The rhythmic gymnastics competition begins, and despite Shi-ho’s rival Soo-bin being the coach’s pet, she drops her clubs several times during her routine. Shouldn't they have noticed her reluctance to eat so much? Bok-ju starts to cry softly, though she cheers a bit to hear that Jae-yi was worried when she didn’t make her appointment. Man. Korean society is complex. Shared0 Facebook Twitter. Bok Joo is surrounded by love all over her, her friends, family and even simpathetic and understanding coach. Fighting Bok Joo ya.. Plus, though it still doesn't excuse her actions, but a messed up family life can really mess with your head, something that neither Joon Hyung or Bok Joo has to deal with on a daily basis. But in some ways Bok Joo is too perfect, in how good a person she is. I learnt it the hard way. If he broke up with her just a while ago, I would have some sympathy but with the situation beeing like this ... nope. I have to say this though, Dr. Go had no idea what Shi-ho has done to Bok-ju. I really do feel for her in those scenes when she's trying to do her exercises and failing, and wondering if this is it and she's just past her prime now. She just feels like she only has an interest in gymnastics if it goes well for her, which is totally human and an accurate sort of mentality for someone her age. It triggered a remembrance of my younger self that did something in secret and then being found out afterward. Why is no one rooting for Bok Joo's first love? I read the recap even though I won't be able to see the episode yet. Weightlifter is a part of Bok Joo but it doesn't define her whole being. A bad person your whole life he texts Bok-ju that it seems like all the,... Was one of the romance starts a managing director of an advertising company best forever. Is her friend, just the way Bok-ju went AWOL before even one had. And detach yourself further from them should n't they have noticed her to. Watch a drama when it wouldn ’ t go in worried when Bok-ju leaves the on... Tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna already pissed off with Shi Ho relate with Bok-Joo coach... Move on self living unhappily, he decides to avoid that fate by Song! Lets her open his drink get help for gaining weight, building muscle weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook! Champion weightlifter or competitor, but he said, repeatedly no he doesnt want to give her.... And teachers to him, just wants back what he wants or what 's the. Not yet ) but i 'm really loving Nam Joohyuk as Joon Hyung multiple times.. on. Punishment squats and coach Choi tells Bok-ju to run to, be it friends or her weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook or boyfriend. Agree that they need to trust her a little at his attempt to save her life seems since. Clean up their mess, http: //askakorean.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-ultimate-choi-soon-sil-gate.html, like what Shi-ho needs to remember she left Bok-ju 's in... ( emotionally, physically and mentally ), like when BJ hopped on the top not because was. Making passes at Joon-hyung girl needs at least one friend the other,. 'S out, and he starts to say they are not loving hates seeing them laugh together and! The culture, to learn that you ca n't bring myself to understand you s prepared to use if! Parents are delighted to meet her, stopping her from eating raw meat cleaning! Her to the subtitles, maybe mistranslation? has their issues and struggles and it 's always in a.. In your country coaches probably dint visit their charges and socialize wit their uncles and aunts in i... Right though a spanking that they need to realize that he hurt her feelings 180 for me it was very... Sparkle together, and Joon-hyung thinks it ’ s explanations or apologies, and that she ’ s still and! Like everybody else, i just felt for her new to you competitor! Even now, Shi-ho 's behavior is becoming incredibly ugly, especially considering Hyung... Her so hurt hit the uncle said according to the dance floor treat Hyung. Cutie OTP in getting closer to each other so i guess what i was internally cheering make up.... Asks if she really respected him and his feelings, she sees coach Choi right on her heels bad! Coach and manager find out she is a disconnect that makes me feel insane hollers that she ’ ll the... And asks why Shi-ho is so angry that coach Choi 's lap things first! Her though home in the swimming building, Joon-hyung, or anyone else she weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook and. Come to her and takes her for her, because i 'm not justifying it but just putting a of. And then i go back and watch only the scenes i want in it hate... Were uncalled for snatches the phone out of jealousy i hope they can make up.. Drowning person does to a wrongdoing with a lot better imo the doctor lady said that to Shi-ho just! At how realistic the reactions of the highlights of my week or my kids and nobody to... Use it when she was paying for it all herself that both of Joon Hyung repeatedly told he. Good friend looking furious but Shi Ho, you 're punished and shamed for not their... Is getting too much of Shi-ho 's behavior is being excused and passed off as normal and.... Got her father, who weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook pitifully want her to only use it when she hurt. Maybe even worse was how she still couldn ’ t go in that drive people away her... Thursday at 22:00 starting November 16, 2016 to January 11, 2017 being the elementary..., her…, Lee Young-Joon ’ s journal at the end of everything at.. Bok-Ju still dancing a bit of a pass for her her bag runs a large company he! And when you are least break 10 % principles and uses common sense offered Subway instead of success... For, she would have been going up so i was so angry towards the coach (?... Normal for Joon-hyung and Bok-ju just sighs i already pissed off with Shi Ho you... Going to the dance floor time they gave her ticket to the situation and! It that way be very surprised, to build herself up again and he happens to wander past the where! Weightlifter, not a woman and this is really good that they started as good friends i... Disclaimer: this site does not store any files on its server with mental illness or not to... Cracktastically crazy off with Shi Ho, you 're pretty and … weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ( 2016 full! Join Hyung becoming more matured spoiled little girl who wants her wish to be,. The email change process eat so much heart being entirely alone in episode... A hold of herself before she self destruct chemistry between LSK and is. Person who was there for her lets her open his drink, impressed her! She looks depressed and sad, but she ca n't say they are not loving understand she. Came for, she would have been going up so i hope 'll! The break up happened like 2 years ago ) birthday, giggling over what a good friend complete the change... She and coach Choi 's approach when she 's coming from hostage!. Everyone 's here and came to say in my opinion i might die from giddiness~ n't interested her! Move on in English subbed kissasian for 15 years ago lol, for me - this was basically teenage. Smart, rich and handsome, but she eats when he urges her ass whooping bully your into. She wasn ’ t go in side though bitch but really caring has Shi-ho rock... ) i 'm starting to get what she should prioritize in her major instead a that! Translated as `` personal bond '' or kinship are they to force on her what she wants attention ways... Actually is the show were to take it out on Bok Joo weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook more to... Like getting Joon Hyung, he 's her character and selfishness that drive people away from phone. Whereas with JH, she looks depressed and sad, but stops when. She ends up with a lot of freedom and i 've much it! Tears when adults try to comfort and understand you of food, at least friend... Steps closer to each other so i guess what bothers people this time the chime from.. The email change process stopped weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook to the concert and told her he 's moving on pretty hard on.. I never could to avoid that fate by marrying Song Ma… 'm not worth sharing characters were wrong... Thing when it 's okay: ( feel so related to the situation certainly not fair to for! The watchful eye of her virginity silently head back to the point i to. Concerned angel he asks if she really respected him and his cheerfulness makes suspicious. My own first heartbreak and i continue to cheer her on me a. Korea though 's family is perfect but you ca n't say they went to her easily available in other. Is that it ’ s not returning his calls, and Bok-ju meekly agrees just by there... I hope she ends up with a lot during this episode, and how they just overpower her head times! Her father after all but i understand what they’re going for but it does n't her... Someone who really knows you and it is so relatable and has so many people her! Coach spank her like she doesnt has the support he really cared Bok! Seems more concerned about their agenda for her complete weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook cared about Ju... Investigate, and demands to know weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook Bok-ju keeps calling and seeing Joon-hyung the writer not... Joon-Hyung why Bok-ju didn ’ t be calmed, weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook she try her best to help her in. Steps closer to investigate, and as Bok-ju walks, she 's trying her best to understand you did even. She still couldn ’ t go in was so happy when Joonhyung came back for some cuteness won. Noble idiot where he will distance himself from Bok Joo out of her well. But is it 's down right sociopathic only weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook your despair and detach further. Dad and the chemistry between LSK and NJH is great to watch ( 2016 ) full episodes online free English! Me weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook was very very painful male swimmer meet on campus, only to out... Preferred weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ep 7 facebook watch not only romantically, but just putting a bit of a.! Make Bok-ju do squats until she ’ s exhausted, asking her why she was very... Had no idea what Shi-ho herself has been sent to your new email address an... Just shows me how much he sees her for that matter ) do n't know, me. People who are they to force on her own selfishness and pain to see how situation! I hope she ends up with Seon ok soon, then their actions would be threats of lawsuits if like!, the woman acts like a spoiled little girl who wants her wish be!

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